Yesterday, Zoom, the company that enables online collaboration had its IPO which valued the company at $9.2B! The company is so valuable because they have built the technology platform that enables how work gets done in the future – distributed teams, collaborating seamlessly through virtual meetings.

Carl Eschenbach, a partner at Sequoia was asked why did he decide to invest in zoom. He explained, “When we spoke to the CFO of one of the largest and fastest growing tech companies in the world, he told us he spends 80% of his day using Zoom talking to his people around the world. That is transforming the way people communicate and collaborate globally and in the enterprise.”

Why is work transforming this way? Why are we moving from co-located teams to distributed teams? It is because companies want to work with the best talent they can hire, regardless of where they live. It is true even for CodeWizardsHQ. We are a distributed team and it enables us to hire the very best from around the world. And we use zoom every day for internal collaboration. Being global is part of our culture.

What does this mean for our students?

CodeWizardsHQ has been utilizing the Zoom platform to teach coding to students through live, instructor-led, virtual classrooms. We have always believed that utilizing an online medium for teaching coding is not only effective and convenient but also prepares our students for the work environment of the future. Our students will be confident, communicative, and capable to lead virtual meetings.

In eight years, 50.9% of the U.S. workforce will be remote. The community at CodeWizardsHQ is far-reaching. We have students all over the globe! Our students will be increasingly prepared for the work environment of the next decades where distributed teams collaborate via virtual mediums.

If you are a parent and interested in exploring coding classes for your child, find out more about our coding programs for kids.