Companies are responding to the demand for new technology resources for kids, including new devices, games, and web browsers. There’s also a lot of talk about how to make it easier for kids and teachers to access technology at school and home — see the latest news below.

Toy robot

1. 17 Compelling Canadian Toy Industry Statistics for 2021

The toy industry is growing in 2021, especially with video games and electronic toys. Find out what toys are most in demand this year so far.

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Microsoft edge, child friendly websites

2. Microsoft Edge’s New Kids Mode Offers Curated Set of Child-Friendly Websites

This brand-new feature with Microsoft’s web browser allows kids to access a list of about 70 pre-approved safe websites. Parents can choose between two different age groups and kids get to choose from different colorful themes with popular characters.

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Lanyard for COVID contact tracing

3. Gervais School District Using Technology to Keep Kids in the Classroom

Contact tracing is important in the fight against COVID and one school district in Oregon is utilizing technology to make it easier. Find out how these special lanyards work and the difference they’ve made for students and teachers.

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Author of coding book for kids

4. 15-Year-Old Girl Sees Void, Publishes Coding Book for Kids

After seeing that her classmates in her AP Computer Science class were mostly boys, this high school sophomore decided to write a gender neutral book to introduce kids to coding in Python. See what she has planned now that her book is published.

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Steve Jobs

5. Steve Jobs: The Childhood of a Great Inventor

We all know what Steve Jobs accomplished as an adult, but as a child he was encouraged by his parents to be curious and by his teachers and mentors to develop a love of learning. Learn more about the childhood of this technology legend.

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Areesh Fatima

6. Four-Year-Old Pakistan Girl Areesh Fatima Becomes Youngest Microsoft Professional

The Microsoft Certified Professional Exam is designed for IT professionals to certify their technical expertise, but this remarkable 4-year-old recently passed the exam with flying colors.

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Teacher talking to remote students

7. Some Kids Never Logged Onto Remote School. Now What?

When schools went virtual at the start of the pandemic, not every student had access to a device and internet service at home. See what different states did to help their students and how districts are continuing to try to bridge the technology gap between school and home.

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Amazon Fire Kids

8. Amazon Announces New Fire Tablets and Kids Additions

Amazon’s popular devices are getting an upgrade, with lighter and thinner designs and longer battery life. The company also introduced a new tablet for kids, the Fire Kids Pro, which is aimed at older kids and includes a digital store and popular apps like Disney+, Zoom, and Minecraft, which can all be controlled and restricted by parents.

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Nintendo Game Builder Garage

9. Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage Teaches Your Kid to Code

Nintendo is jumping into the world of coding for kids with their new game for the Switch. Players go through different lessons that teach fundamentals of coding while building games. Find out what you can do once you get through all the tutorials.

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Building blocks

10. Comeback Kid Fortran Reappears in Programming Index

The April report for the most popular programming languages showed the first commercial programming language, Fortran, entering the list at number 20. Python, Java, C, C++, and JavaScript have been holding strong in the top 20 without much movement for a year.

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