Educators and organizations are using coding to prepare kids for the future and bounce back from an unusual school year. See how students are getting access to more STEM resources below.

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1. 3 Way to Prepare Students for a Future STEAM-Powered Workforce

STEAM job openings are continuing to grow, which means kids today will have better opportunities as adults if they have a background in STEAM. Find out how you can help your kids prepare for their futures now.

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2. With Summer Vacation Looming, Educators Worry About Lasting Fallout of Pandemic Schooling

This past school year was unlike any in recent memory, and parents and educators alike are concerned about the impact on kids. Find out what a survey of nearly 10,000 educators revealed as their top concerns for their students.

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3. Do Kids Need to Learn How to Code?

If you’re looking for even more reasons why kids benefit from learning to code, check out this article that includes data from LinkedIn and MIT.

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4. Kiddo Byte Offers Free Computer Coding to Kids Who Lack Access

Kiddo Byte was founded by a high school student who wanted to increase access to computer science resources and classes. His organization is helping a Massachusetts nonprofit for homeless women and children offer free coding classes for kids.

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5. Computer Coding Could Count as a Foreign Language Credit Under Bill

There’s a reason they’re called programming languages! A current bill in Michigan would allow high school students in that state to take computer coding classes to fulfill the foreign language requirement for graduation.

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6. Study Uses Unique Method to Help Visually Impaired Kids Learn STEM

A new study demonstrates how models can help kids with visual impairments learn STEM lessons that would normally be difficult for them to see and understand.

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7. The Public and Private Sectors Need More STEM Talent – Here’s How They Can Get It

We know that STEM is the future, but right now there aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill the STEM jobs currently available. Here are some ideas for how we can get more STEM talent in the US (coding plays a big part!).

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8. 3 Ways Schools Can Improve STEM Learning for Black Students

STEM is important for everyone, but black people make up just 9% of the current STEM workforce. See how we can improve this starting with today’s generation of students.

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9. To Welcome Students Back to In-Person Learning, Build a Coding Playground

After a school year that was mostly virtual for most students, many districts are preparing to go back to in-person learning. Discover how one educator thinks coding can help with this transition for the 2021/22 school year.

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