Back when I was in school, we didn’t call it “coding”. We called it critical thinking skills. “Coding” for young kids is basically the same thing except with real-life application of a viable career path as the focus.

Our articles this month take us on a journey of how to start coding, yes, even really young, and how coding and online learning affect bodies and our hobbies.

Coding at 5 years old

1. Never too young to learn coding

This article emphasizes using the right techniques to teach children to code. The right techniques are the trick to making sure code isn’t overwhelming. For example, we’d never recommend starting 5 year olds on Java.

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Coding with Snoopy

2. Why a computer isn’t the first thing you need when teaching kids to code

It’s a misconception that coding starts on a computer. This article talks about how computational thinking is primarily communication and that learning starts in tactile and concrete ways.

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Brain activity

3. Brain activity while coding differs from processing language or doing maths

Communication may be key but neuroscientists have found that coding does not activate the same part of the brain as language. Instead it’s closer to using math, but not exactly. This article explains. 

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Physical effects of coding

4. Online Learning Results in Physical Effects on Kids

Hand in hand with coding education is online learning. Here, not only the brain is being affected. This article talks about the effects on online learning on kids’ eyes and spines, and how to help.

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Kids sick of Zoom

5. Kids are sick of Zoom too—so their teachers are getting creative

From coding to math to science, good education isn’t about holding noses to books but discovering how to teach through fun and innovative ways. Online learning has been an accelerant for this shift.

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Girl learning to code at home

6. People share trick showing how to use Playstation and Xbox to access home learning

This article presents a solution to homes without enough PCs for their learners. Playstations and Xboxes can access the web. Using controllers to navigate takes gamification to an interesting level. 

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Coding toys and gadgets

7. 7 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Want to Code

Thinking about tactile and concrete ways of learning to code, this article has gadgets and gizmos aplenty. These gifts are perfect for presenting kids with a platform for learning to code.

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Python go and more

8. 5 Programming Languages That Will Dominate 2021: Python, Go, More

The focus shouldn’t be so much what’s dominating now but what will still be dominating in 2030. Especially for our kids, you want to think long term about the value of a particular language.

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Coding puzzles

9. You think you’ve done puzzles during the pandemic?

Puzzles are fun for all ages, but some puzzles are a little too complex for a Saturday night. This puzzle solution was a labor of 5 years and an extensive amount of code. So coding helps us play, too!

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Programming in poetry