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Enrollment is closed for the $10 introductory classes.

You can still try the most fun and effective coding classes for kids. Enroll risk-free with the 4-session money-back guarantee.

Limited-time offer! $10 Coding Class

Introduce valuable coding and computer science skills to your child at an unbelievable price!

Offer is available for new students only, limit one class per student.

Scratch Intro Class – Pong Game

Learn the fundamentals of Scratch while building a version of the classic arcade game “Pong”. Students will create custom animations, deal with event-driven programming, and experiment with fundamental programming concepts like variables, conditional statements, and loops. 

Ages 8-10 (Elementary School Class)

  • Learn to Code in Scratch
  • Build an interactive Ping Pong Game (Pong)
  • Beginner Friendly
  • 1 hour

Python Intro Class – Web Avatar Builder

Students learn programming fundamentals while building a customizable avatar in the Python programming language. While creating the avatar project, students are exposed to fundamental programming concepts like data types, variables, and functions.

Ages 11-13 (Middle School Class)

  • Learn to Code in Python
  • Build a Customized Web Avatar
  • Beginner Friendly
  • 1 hour

Python Intro Class – Superhero Program

Learn programming fundamentals and basic Python syntax with a fun superhero-themed project. Students explore Python’s built-in functions and modules while learning coding concepts like conditional statements and looping. They’ll also learn about Python’s “list” data structure and how to generate random numbers.

Ages 14-18 (High School Class)

  • Learn to Code in Python
  • Build an Interactive Which Superhero are You? Program
  • Beginner Friendly
  • 1 hour

Cute pupils in introductory black friday coding class

$10 Coding Class Details

  • 1-Hour Coding Class in Scratch or Python
  • Live, Teacher-Led Online Class
  • Beginner Friendly, No Experience Needed
  • Students Attend Class from Home. No Driving for Parents.
  • Hands-On, Interactive Class
  • Custom-Built Coding Platform
  • Try Out Coding from Home!
  • Offer is for students new to the CodeWizardsHQ program

The CodeWizardsHQ Advantage

Our reviews speak for themselves.

Questions? We Are Here to Help.

Easy answers to some common questions.

What is your class size?

CodeWizardsHQ’s class sizes are small. We typically have six students per class and will not allow more than seven. We group students by age and coding background. We have found that this is the optimal size for successful group work and individual attention.

Is there any software to download?

No, all classes and platforms are browser-based.

Can students use tablets?

Unfortunately no. Because they will be writing typed-code and seeing their work in real-time, they need a computer or laptop with a separate keyboard.

Do you offer refunds?

All 55-minute classes are non-refundable. However, to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, we do allow up to one (1) convenience transfer to move a student to a different class when one is scheduled and available. To request a convenience transfer, please call CodeWizardsHQ at 1-800-213-2417.

What if my student already has experience coding?

Not a problem!  These courses should still provide a fun exercise for your student as well as the opportunity to check out how our classes work.