The importance of computer literacy, computer science education, and learning how to code are finally being recognized by education experts across the globe. This month’s Top 10 presents several articles exploring the best way to teach computing skills to young people and unique ways coding is being effectively introduced and taught.

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Kid playing with coding toy

1. Parents Don’t Need to Be Coding Experts, Just Willing to Learn With Their Children

Research shows that parent engagement in extracurricular activities, including coding, can promote children’s engagement. Family coding nights are becoming a popular way for kids and parents to learn together.

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coding and robotics team

2. Coding, robotics industry join forces to create Indigenization

Jon Corbett coined the phrase Indigitalization, which refers to bringing an Indigenous perspective to the programming and tech world. He is combining his art and computer programming for the cause.

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Teens learning to code

3. Why all children must learn coding

Australia, Finland, Italy and England have developed coding curricula for children between five and 16 years. Children are known to learn new languages, like coding, faster than older people. So starting to code young is a good idea.

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Models coding

4. Karlie Kloss and Shantell Martin Join Forces to Encourage Girls to Pursue Coding

Karlie Kloss and artist Shantell Martin have joined forces to empower coders. The British artist has designed a limited-edition hoodie imprinted with various coding symbols that will benefit the nonprofit Kode With Klossy.

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Confident girls

5. Girls’ Confidence Plummets Starting at Age 8: Here’s How to Keep Her Confidence Strong

Girls’ Confidence Plummets Starting at Age 8; the authors discuss their research and how parents can counter this trend and help their kids stay confident into their tween and teen years and beyond.

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Coding championship

6. Coding champs: Providence School students heading to Washington, D.C.

When Freshman Ruby Kilpper and sophomore Sydney Whited of the Providence School high school set out to develop an app for the Congressional App Challenge, they had a lot of ideas and not much time to choose one.

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Coding for blind

7. Hands-On Coding System Allows Students Who are Blind to Learn to Code

Computer coding can start you on a meaningful career path, but only if you have the access to learn it. Code Jumper allows children who are blind to learn computer coding alongside peers.

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Darden's answer on coding

8. Learn To Code? Darden Professor Answers 5 Big Questions On Coding

Alex Cowan, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, believes students should learn to code, but sees coding as just one skill in a well-rounded professional toolkit, most effective when bundled with a host of other business and leadership traits.

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Computer scientists

9. We’re Teaching Coding All Wrong

Budding computer scientists should learn to collaborate, not go it alone. The benefits of pair-programming are particularly pronounced for women.

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K-8 coding outcomes

10. K-8 coding education should be integrated for best outcomes

The lack of coding curricula for younger students has left a significant teaching gap in 21st-century skills, such as problem-solving, designing and computation-thinking.

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