If you are like most parents, you are anxious to make good use of your child’s summer time.

We have started receiving lots of calls from parents.

If you are thinking about getting coding classes for your child, then summer is a golden opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Here is why. 

Learning any new skill is challenging at first.

You get stuck on the mechanics.
You waste time on dead-ends.
You forget things you learned.
You get confused about concepts you thought you understood.

It’s frustrating.

But once you persevere through it, you start to get the hang of it.

You start figuring little things out.
Every mini success deepens your interest.
You get engaged with the challenge in front of you.
You start creating things that you feel proud of.

Learning becomes fun. You’re on a roll. You have survived the dip. 

Any child can learn to code, but not every child survives the dip.

Besides having an interest, what is the most important thing a child needs in order to survive the dip of learning to code?


Time to work on coding.
Time without distractions.
Time without competing priorities.
Time without impending deadlines.

It is hard to get that time during school year  During summer, they have plenty of time.

If they utilize that time to start learning to code and get through the initial dip, then summer is a roaring success.

However, summer is not the end-game.

It is hard for anyone to master coding in one summer. To have meaningful skills, they need to continue learning during the school year.

It is much easier to CONTINUE during school year, than START during school year. 

Our program is setup to accomplish exactly that for your child.

Our 3-week summer classes and 1-week online summer camps give them the initial launch and momentum. Most students come out of that excited about learning to code.

After that, they take our regular weekly classes and continue their learning until they complete our full curriculum.

55 minutes a week to continue learning something that they have come to enjoy becomes very doable.

By the time the next summer rolls around, your child will know more coding and programming than 99.9% of the students out there! 

Don’t miss the summer. Get them started. Then, it’s easy to continue during school year.

If your child masters this crucial 21st century skill, it will set him or her up for unprecedented level of college and career success. 

Check out whether or not our summer coding program is right for your child. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-213-2417.