CodeWizardsHQ student Malachi is very clear about why he wants to learn how to code.

“I want to control computers to my advantage to make games and animations for other people.”

The fifth grader is well on his way to that goal. With his third CodeWizardsHQ class near completion, he is already making video games and has teamed up with his dad to code some pretty impressive creations.

Malachi’s Coding Journey

Malachi initially became interested in coding when his sister introduced him to Scratch. He liked the idea of making games for himself and other people. He started learning Scratch on his own and eventually approached his parents wanting to learn more. His mom recounts how they found CodeWizardsHQ.

“Malachi had done a lot of Scratch block coding and wanted to move beyond that, and we were kind of stuck on how. I was looking for online programs and CodeWizards stood out to me. It looked like it was a comprehensive program that would meet the needs that Malachi wanted.”

Both Malachi and his parents have been pleased with CodeWizardsHQ’s program. His sister has even taken a class.

“Malachi loves his teacher. He has gotten the same teacher every time so far. I really like the lesson format. It meets his pace and provides a good challenge for him. I like the email updates about where he is, and what he’s learning.”


Malachi's newsletter project

Malachi’s favorite projects are all about customization. CodeWizardsHQ instructors encourage students to customize their projects whenever they can. This strategy results in a student experience that is engaging and motivating. One of Malachi’s favorite projects has been creating a Hogwarts Newsletter. His favorite skills have been variables and functions.

Malachi develops quite a few projects outside of his coding classes. He and his dad partner to create video games. Together they come up with the premise of the game, strategy, and rules. They like to make dungeon games and mazes.

“Say we’re doing a small dungeon game, first we’ll make the dungeon part itself, then we’ll add a maze, some traps, and more, and expand until we’re done.”

Malachi codes the games, but lately, his dad has started to code as well. Malachi is teaching his dad how to code and helps him when he gets stuck on a problem. Malachi creates on the CodeWizardsHQ platform. Some of his games include a random string generator that makes unique stories based on Gomototo in the game Battle Cats, a maze, and a Rogue Arena Game.

School and Activities

Malachi’s favorite subject in school is math. His math skills are just as impressive as his coding abilities. He participates in an after-school program called Math Masters for students who excel at math. Students take part in a statewide competition. 

A math champion

“At the end of the year, you go into a big competition for the entire state, and you take a bunch of tests and then see what places you get.”

This year, Malachi took home two medals for his performance, second in team rounds and first in individual.

Outside of the classroom, Malachi participates in a variety of musical activities. He’s been playing piano since he was three years old and is looking forward to an upcoming recital. He also is a member of the school orchestra as a violinist and is in a choir.

When asked about similarities between learning how to code and learning to play an instrument, Malachi has the same basic tactic for each.

“I try my best and learn from my mistakes.”

Sound advice coming from an eleven-year-old with a promising future in whichever STEM field he chooses. His CodeWizardsHQ instructor, Cameron Forsythe echoes this sentiment.

I’m still waiting for the day he doesn’t exceed my expectations. I’m continually impressed by how high of a standard he sets for himself and his classmates. His dedication and hard work motivate me to strive for excellence.

Cameron, CodeWizardsHQ Instructor

Malachi’s Standout Projects