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Class Projects

Animation and Interactive Games with Scratch

  • E11 Lesson 01 Gif

    Project 1: Introduction to programming

    Launch a spaceship with your voice.
  • E11 Lesson 02 Gif

    Project 2: Getting familiar with scratch

    Personalize a birthday card with sprites.
  • E11 Lesson 03 Gif

    Project 3: It’s time to move things around

    Move sprites around a maze.
  • E11 Lesson 04 Gif

    Project 4: Story time

    Use animations to tell a tale.
  • E11 Lesson 05 Gif

    Project 5: Fly the Rocket – Part I

    Fly a rocket through obstacles.
  • E11 Lesson 06 Gif

    Project 6: Fly the Rocket – Part II

    Fly a rocket through obstacles and score points.
  • E11 Lesson 07 Gif

    Project 7: Create your own character

    Use buttons to dress up your character.
  • E11 Lesson 08 Gif

    Project 8: It’s Raining Tacos

    Make it rain tacos from the sky.
  • E11 Lesson 09 Gif

    Project 9: Music Jam

    Start a band that plays real music.
  • E11 Lesson 10 Gif

    Project 10: Ghostbusters

    Destroy ghosts while learning variables.
  • E11 Lesson 11 Gif

    Project 11: Final Project – I

    Create a fixed shooter game activated by voice.
  • E11 Lesson 12 Gif

    Project 12: Final Project – II

    Complete your fixed shooter game with scores.

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