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At CodeWizardsHQ, our teachers are available to assist advanced students outside of their regularly scheduled class time.

Scheduling Office Hours is easy! It’s one of the many complimentary features of our beyond the classroom support for advanced courses:

However, as our teachers have many students in their classes we ask that our students come well prepared to maximize their time with the teacher. Please follow these three easy steps to schedule office hours.

STEP 1: Review the class recording and slides

Watch the video from class and review the class material available under the “Files” tab of your coding platform. Sometimes a quick review of the material is a quick way to get back on track with your project. If these materials are unavailable, please let us know which class below.

STEP 2: Ask your question in the CWHQ Community

Ask your question in the CodeWizardsHQ Community. The community is filled with coders who are ready to help, and many times you can get an answer before your office hours appointment. Just be sure to add a link to your project with your question.

STEP 3: Still need help? Schedule below

If you didn’t get the answer you needed or still need extra help, please use the form below to schedule a time to meet with your teacher. Once submitted, be on the lookout for an email confirming the time as sometimes small changes may need to be made.

Schedule Office Hours

Students can login to their code editor to schedule Office Hours.