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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my Minecraft username?

You can find your Minecraft: Java Edition username by logging in to the official Minecraft website.
Once logged in, go to your Profile page and see Profile Name.

Note that your Xbox gamertag is not the same as your Profile Name.

What is required for this camp?

Student requirements include all of our standard technical recommendations.
In addition to our default recommendations, students are also required to purchase and install a copy of Minecraft: Java Edition for the PC before the start of the first session if a copy is not already owned. Students should already be familiar with the basics Minecraft. Students should be familiar with PC specific controls prior to the start of the first session.

How do I know if my student has the right version of Minecraft?

There are different versions of Minecraft for mobile, console, cross-platform play, etc.  The version that we need for this camp is Minecraft: Java Edition for the PC.  You can check which version of Minecraft your student has by booting up the game and looking at the first screen before pressing any buttons.  Minecraft: Java Edition will say exactly that on the home screen.  If it says just "Minecraft" and has a version number without any mention of the word "Java" then this version will not work for this camp.

The correct version can be purchased at this link