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Online Coding Instructor

Part-Time Contract

We are looking for part-time contract coding instructors to teach computer coding classes to school students (8-18 years old). Classes are taught online, so you will be working remotely from your home and utilizing a virtual classroom environment. Applicants must be available weekday evenings and at least 1 weekend day. Class sessions are 55 minutes long, held once a week for 12 weeks.

We provide a structured curriculum, teaching platform, training materials, and support. The primary role of a CodeWizardsHQ Instructor is to deliver the curriculum in an engaging way and ultimately be responsible for student retention and parent satisfaction.




How much is my compensation?
You will be paid $20 per session with potential for raises and bonuses based on student retention and parent satisfaction.

What languages are you looking for instructors to teach?
Our curriculum is quite broad based. We are looking for instructors who can teach the following – Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python, JavaScript, and Java.

When will I be teaching?
Classes are held weeknight evenings between 4pm- 10pm Central Time, and weekends between 9am- 7pm Central Time. There are limited classes held on weekdays before 4pm CT. 

How many classes will I be teaching?
Initially, new instructors start with around 5 classes per week, with the expectation to grow to 10-15 sessions per week. Based on how well students enjoy your sessions and maintaining a good standing with the lead instruction team, you would be given additional classes.

How long will I need to teach?
Class sessions are 55 minutes long, held once a week for 12 weeks per course or occasionally 2x a week for 6 weeks. When a new class has been assigned to you, you  are expected to teach for the full duration of that course. Most instructors are given the option, and continue to, teach their classes through the follow-on courses.

How to apply
If you are interested, please apply here.