All I want for Christmas is more kids in coding! Coding and STEM have traditionally been fields without much diversity, but these articles are showing a shift. Women, POC, children, and rockstars are sharing their unique gifts through code. Get inspired and find ways to help your kid in their pursuit of coding. 

STEM and Tech gifts

1. Best STEM and Tech Gifts For Kids and Teens 2020

Need a last minute gift idea? This is a list of tried and true gifts that your kid would love to see under the tree. From robots to VR headsets, we’re wishing you a tech-y Christmas this year.

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Sunita Kaur of Twitch

2. Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech: Sunita Kaur of Twitch On The 5 Leadership Lessons She Learned From Her Experience

We love to see women in STEM rise up and take leadership. It can be a hard road to do that in a male dominated industry, but Sunita Kaur succeeded and shares her wisdom in leading as a woman in STEM.

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Doctor teaching kids to code

3. BBC Recruits Doctor Who to Help Teach Kids How to Code

Doctor Who fans can get excited because the Doctor is sharing her curious tools with young coders everywhere. The HiFive Inventor is a fun gift for any Whovian.

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STEM education with Bryanne Leeming

4. This Female Founder Is Creating A Playground That Breaks Down Barriers In STEM Education

We knew that coding early helps open possibilities for girls and minority groups. Bryanne Leeming figured out a way to make coding a whole body experience, making it more accessible to all.

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5. STEM Is Not an Acronym

STEM got its name from an acronym of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, but why were those four subjects integrated into STEM? This article explains how the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

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Kids solving problems with tech

6. Coding the future: the tech kids solving life’s problems

Five stories of kids with one thing in common: they’re using code to address problems. From developing medical equipment to video games for the blind and much more. Check out these kids and get inspired.

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River Cuomo, Rockstar programmer

7. Rockstar programmer: Rivers Cuomo finds meaning in coding

Coding isn’t just for STEM careers. Nearly all jobs could be benefitted by knowledge in coding. Even rock stars, like the frontman for Weezer, find that coding makes their jobs easier.

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200 programming terms

8. Kids guide to 200+ common programming terms and definitions

We don’t usually post our own content, but this dictionary is really useful. It’s “Let Me Add a Bookmark so I can Find it Every Time My Kid Starts Talking About Their Coding Classes” useful.

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Coding black females

9. Makers partners with Coding Black Females

Diversity makes us better. How important is it to see black women in the coding field? Important enough to provide them free education. See how Coding Black Females supports diverse talent.

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Coding light show

10. Local 13-year-old with passion for coding is trying to make Christmas cheer contagious with light show

The title says it all. Nicholas Burlarley saved up all year to buy the tech for a festive light show. He faced a lot of challenges, including sabotage from a grinch, but that didn’t stall the show.

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