Your child’s schedule is packed.

Activities are lined-up back to back. There is no time left to consider anything else.

However, you want your child to learn coding. Your child is also reasonably interested in trying it.

The big hurdle is finding time in the schedule.

We know this problem.

That is why we have worked hard to design a coding program that fits into your child’s schedule.

Here is how we did it.

1. Bite-sized, instructor-led weekly classes

We took the vast and complex subject of coding and broke it into bite-sized weekly units. We carefully calibrated each unit to be very manageable along with a student’s school workload.

We trained our instructors to present coding concepts in a clear, understandable way. We kept class sizes small (6-8 students per instructor) to provide space and time for your child to interact with the instructor and ask questions.

Our main goal is to not overwhelm your child. We know they are juggling a lot of other things.

2. Less than 3 hours time commitment per week

Our students spend 1-hour a week on class-time. Plus, another 2 hours doing practice projects. We believe a total of 3 hours per week is the optimal amount of time to learn coding while balancing coursework and other extra-curricular activities.

Our practice projects are fun, engaging extensions of the coding concept taught in class. Most of the time they practice coding during the time they were playing video games or watching YouTube videos.

Through our private community support and weekend office hours (both complimentary), students get the help they need so they aren’t stuck spending hours trying to figure something out on their own.

3. We eliminated drive time

A 1-hour extracurricular activity for your child becomes a 2-hour time commitment for you. Driving and waiting locks-up productive time for both you and your child.

Instead, imagine your child walking into her room 5 minutes before class starts and logging into an online classroom where an instructor is waiting to teach her while you continue doing your home activities.

It’s new. It’s convenient. And it’s effective. Once you have tried it for your child, you wouldn’t have it any other way. That is why our existing parents love us. See our reviews.

4. 6 different class-time options

Most school activities are offered with one class time option only. Any extracurricular activity shouldn’t conflict with those.

That is why we provide 6-different class time options so you can pick the one that works for your child’s schedule. We offer several weekday evening and weekend classes.

Because this is a live class, we offer time slots when other activities are typically not available. For example, we offer classes on weekday late evenings, Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings. You are sure to find a class-time that works.

Start risk-free with our 4-session money back guarantee.

Sometimes, it is hard to know if something is workable, until you give it a try. With our 4-session no questions asked money back guarantee, we make it risk-free for you.

Go ahead and enroll your child in our coding program. See if your child is able to handle coding along with everything else. If yes, great. If no, just cancel and revisit at a later time.

See all our class time options .