As the world becomes smaller, we wonder how we impact this planet. Sometimes we wonder and worry about the future. September’s Top 10 posts reveal concerns and hopes for a future impacted and driven by technology.

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Top 10 Tech Articles, TedTalks Radio Hour

Ted Radio Hour: Anthropocene

This Ted Radio Hour broadcast from 2016 is still very relevant today. Learn how humans and technology are ushering in a new geological era called the Anthropocene.

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Top 10 Tech Articles, Charging Cables

Why You Should Never Borrow Someone Else’s Charging Cable

You wouldn’t borrow someone else’s underwear – the same goes for using someone else’s charging cable. This article from Forbes details the latest security threat from savvy hackers.

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Top 10 Coding for Kids Resources

Programming languages: Which was most popular each year?

This article about the TIOBE Programming Hall of Fame, lists the most popular programming languages from 2003 – 2018.  You might be surprised when you see the winners!

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Top 10 Tech Articles, Doomed Tech

5 Programming Languages That Are Probably Doomed

Technology is a fast-moving, rapidly changing beast. These five popular programming languages were once a staple of business, but are now declining in popularity. 

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Top 10 Tech Articles, Tech Smart

The Only Learning Resources Your Children Will Ever Need To Be Smarter

Using online resources for learning is one of the best ways to prepare students for college. This article, by Life Hack, provides 10 quality, online learning resources for parents and students.

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Top 10 Tech Articles, UW

UW launches new school of computer science

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has launched a new school of Computer Science in response to a shortage of computer professionals and an increase in technology students.

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Top 10 Tech Articles, Teen Hacker