A little while ago, I spent 2 full-days at the Ann Richards school for young women leaders introducing real coding to 7th grade students. What an amazing opportunity to contribute back to the community.

Ann Richards School (ARS) is a one-of-a-kind school. It’s a public all-girls school of choice that serves grades 6 – 12 for the Austin Independent School District. 100% of the students are accepted to college. More than 60% of the students are the first generation college bound. Students wouldn’t have these opportunities available to them, if not for ARS.

Below are some pictures from the workshop.

Coding Workshop at Ann Richards School
Jey working at coding workship with ann richards

A couple of weeks after the event, I got a plethora of hand-written thank you notes. I was speechless that those kids took the time to make this and mail it to me.

Thank you card for ann richards
Coding workship thank you card
Thank you card to Jey from ann richards
Coding workshop card from kids
Thank you card from ann richards
Coding thank you card
Card to Jey
Thank you from Ann Richards
Thank you in code
Signatures and thank you from students

Awesome kids and excellent teachers. Great experience for me. Thank you Ms. Roy and Ms. Goka for the opportunity.