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CodeWizardsHQ ambassadors believe that preparing students for success in the digital world through coding is not just important, but crucial. As an ambassador, you will be preparing this generation of students to be able to navigate through this technology-driven society because you believe in this mission. If selected to become a CodeWizardsHQ Ambassador, you’ll be joining a network of highly driven, passionate students, just like you. Through your participation in the program, you’ll not only be partaking in this awesome leadership opportunity, but you will watch yourself grow in a multitude of ways.

What would I do as an ambassador?

In order to help us with our mission of preparing this generation of students to succeed in the 21st century, a few of your responsibilities would be as follows…

Get trained to teach coding…

One of the benefits of being an ambassador is that you will go through a comprehensive training so that you can feel comfortable and sure that you are completing your tasks as an ambassador correctly!

Teach coding classes

As an ambassador, one of your biggest responsibilities will be to set up coding workshops in your district with the purpose of teaching coding to kids just like you.

Build relationships at schools

It will be your responsibility to act as a role model for other students. You will be showing students that computer science is a fun and interesting career path as well as being there for them on their path to learning more about programming.

Why be an ambassador?

Ambassador leadership skills

Sharpen your leadership skills.

By setting up workshops and creating relationships with your peers, you will be strengthening your communication skills, leadership abilities, expanding your social network, and becoming a better problem solver.


Do work that matters.

As an ambassador, you are showing others that you care about the next generation of students. You are making a commitment to introducing as many students to coding in order to increase computer literacy.


Improve your resume.

This program makes you shine when you are applying for scholarships, internships, jobs, and college applications. By investing your time in a great cause, you are doing something noteworthy to highlight on a resume.

Ambassador certification

Certification with letter of accomplishments

You will receive a certificate and a letter full of your accomplishments as an ambassador!

scholarship icon

CodeWizardsHQ partial scholarship.

As a thank you, you will get 10% off of your tuition here at CodeWizardsHQ.



We will send you CodeWizardsHQ swag for participating in our program!

Who can be an ambassador?

Ambassadors are selected based on the strength of their soft skills, attitude, communication skills, and scholastic ability. Most importantly, we are selecting students who are highly motivated and passionate about expanding computer science education in your community. So ask yourself, are you:

How do I become an ambassador?

Our ambassador application is currently closed while we revamp our program. We hope to work with you soon!