Hey there, young explorers! Ready to learn how to make a jumping game on Scratch? We’re building a Rocket Jump game where you’ll zoom through space going from platform to platform. Before we start building our game, let’s talk about Scratch. Scratch is a super cool place where you can make your own stories, games, and animations — like a digital LEGO set that’s all about your ideas!

📌 [Download] Printable Scratch Coding Tutorials Get 2 printable Scratch tutorials, Rocket Landing and Flying Space Cat, to code your own games step by step. Download Now

It’s like learning to speak the language of computers! And the best part? You don’t have to type any words or numbers. Instead, you snap together colorful blocks that look a bit like puzzle pieces. Each block is a command that tells your characters and objects what to do.

In our elementary school curriculum, students start their coding journey with Scratch. As kids build games and animations with Scratch, they’re laying the groundwork for computational thinking—a vital skill set for coding with actual code. 

Let’s start our coding journey together!

Complete this tutorial to create a jumping game on Scratch.

Play and remix the Rocket Jump game now.

What you need:

No coding experience is necessary for the Rocket Jump tutorial. Beginner-friendly for kids ages 8 and up. Give it a try!

Steps to make a jumping game in Scratch:

In this game, players guide a rocketship through the starry cosmos using the arrow keys to navigate left and right. The rocket automatically falls due to gravity, but upon touching the platform, it jumps upwards to earn points. Each successful landing on the platform boosts the rocket higher and changes the platform’s position, making each jump a new challenge. The aim is to keep the rocket aloft as long as possible while racking up jumps for a high score.

Step 1: Setup the Scratch project

Create a New Scratch Project

Set the Stage

choose a game background
choose a scratch sprite
resize the rocket in the jumping game

After we have both backdrop and sprite setup, you should have something like below in the game preview area:

Step 1 results, rocketship sprite with background

Step 2: Make the rocket move with keyboard keys

Moving Right

move the rock et right and left

Moving Left

Duplicate blocks to move
Add arrow key to move

Step 3: Add “gravity” to make the rocket fall.

Setting the Fall

Add gravity to make the rocket fall

Step 4: Add the Platform

Creating the Platform

Create a platform for your jumping game

Positioning the Platform

position the platform for the rocket to jump on

Step 5: Make the rocket jump when touching the platform.

The rocket jumps!

make the rocket jump when touching platform
make the rocket jump when touching platform

Step 6: Change the platform position every time the rocket touches it.

Moving the Platform

In the rocketship sprite

change the platform position in scratch

In the platform sprite

broadcast message to glide

This completes our game logic, we can now move our rocket to go left and right, and use the platform to stay afloat.

rocketship jumping, game logic complete

Step 7: Add scores in the game.

Keeping track of scores

A game is no fun without the scores. To set up scores, create a new variable named Scores.

make a scores variable

In your rocketship sprite, 

set the score in the jumping game

Your game is complete!

Bonus 1: Change costumes of the Rocketship sprite 

Change costume when jumping

To add the rotate effect in the rocket, we can change its costume when it goes up.

In the Rocketship sprite