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Kids learn coding through teacher-led online classes from the convenience of their home.

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Pokemon Go Plus Giveaway!

Pokemon Giveaway for Middle Schoolers

We are giving away 5, yet-to-be-launched Pokemon Go Plus for FREE! Enter Giveaway!

Pokemon Go is the most recent example of how software is at the core of many experiences we have come to enjoy.

We are giving it away to encourage more kids to learn the coding skills to *create* these amazing experiences, not just consume it.

Our Program


Teacher-Led Online Classes

Weekly small group classes led by an experienced instructor. 

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No Driving to a physical location

Students attend live online classes from their home. 

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Real World Coding Languages

Learn HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python and code real world projects. 

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Why Learn to Code?

Kids who learn how to code will be better able to navigate the world of the future. See what business leaders have to say about why kids should learn to code (courtesy –

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