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Meet Our Team

Jey Iyempandi

Jey is founder and CEO of CodeWizardsHQ. He is a former Director of Marketing at Dell. He is the father of two children who are learning to code. He is inspired by the possibilities code creates in our children’s lives.

Nick Hahn

Nick brings 15 years of experience in interactive design, product development, and technology fanaticism. As father of two inquisitive little girls, he is driven to build a better technology and design education platform.

Jared Hanstra

Jared has over 5 years experience teaching math and computer science online. He enjoys teaching kids so much that he is now pursuing becoming a teacher full-time. During his spare time he is building the next generation of online textbooks.

Inderpreet Singh

Inderpreet started programming when he was 7 years old. He has been selected multiple times in Google’s Coding programs, where he wrote code and mentored middle and high school students. A fan of Sir Ken Robinson, he believes that education needs to be more creative, engaging and fun. 

Shaina Sabarwal

Shaina enjoys building engaging curriculum for kids. She has been selected in Google’s elite coding program twice. She has created a coding editor and programmed the interface of software used by tens of thousands of people. She is very passionate about  supporting women in tech.

Oli Treadwell

Oli Treadwell teaches coding fundamentals with CodeWizardsHQ. He’s glad to be a member of CodeWizardsHQ’s growing family, continuing his 5 prior years of working within the Tech industry. Oli continues to learn through teaching, speaking and blogging. He looks forward to teaching you!

January Smith

January wrote his first computer programs on mainframe computers using punched cards. From those humble beginnings to the mobile web apps of today he brings his years of experience into every class he teaches in hopes that he can inspire the next generation to change the world…

Alex Thola

Alex is a rising senior at UT, where he studies Mathematics and Computer Science. Alex utilizes design blogs, textbooks, and non-profit projects to strengthen his web development skill-set. He is ready to mentor his students and guide them towards success.

Nathan Turinski

Nathan used to work as a consultant but changed his profession because of his passion for coding. He strongly believes that understanding programming will be key going forward, and is very excited to pave a bright future for the next generation through teaching.

Jen Udan

Jen graduated from UT Austin and The Iron Yard Austin. She worked as a copywriter and marketer before delving head-first into the world of front-end development. She is passionate about using technology to support social justice and hopes to make the tech industry more diverse.

David Gilbert

Dave started his passion for coding at a young age and has spent the last 15 years in management and training for multiple Fortune 500 companies. Understanding the importance of coding for the future, he has already been teaching his two children coding, and is ecstatic to educate your children as well.

Leena Saleh

Over the past 5 years, Leena has taught coding, robotics, video editing, game design and much more. She is excited to present students with timeless coding and technology skills they will need to succeed in the real world.

Daniel Szelogowski

Daniel has been programming since he was 7 years old and has exposure to a wide range of programming languages. He is currently gaining experience to become a better teacher and programmer in order to fulfill his dreams of becoming a college professor.

Katy Cassidy

Katy is a former elementary math teacher who decided to learn to code in order to create games and activities to support school curriculum. She is excited about returning to teaching with CodeWizardHQ and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to help kids.

Dan Reddi

Dan is a graduate of the city university of New York. Dan enjoys problem solving and appreciates how coding can be an integral part of this process to achieve the desired results. Dan has worked for the NYC board of education which has deepened his love for teaching.