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At CodeWizardsHQ, our goal is to make sure your child learns to code, not just attend a class. We make several resources available outside the class time for them to get help. One of that is our free weekend office hours.

How does office hours work?
If a student has questions that they want help from a live instructor, you can book office hours. There is no extra charge for office hours.

When can I book office hours?
You can book office hours for your student to get help making up a missed class or to get help completing their weekly practice projects. Office hours need to be booked 2-days in advance.

How should my student prepare for office hours?
If you are booking office hours to help makeup a class that your student has missed, please make sure they have watched the video of the class and attempted the class exercises. The instructor can then help them with specific questions.

  • Must be 2-days out.